How to Deal with Pesky Breakouts 

Breakouts and bad skin are never fun. While they can be an unfortunate fact of life when you’re a teenager, but once you’re an adult they can be the source of a huge amount of embarrassment, especially when you thought that those years as a spotty teen were so far behind. So, what exactly can you do to help stop those breakouts from happening and how can you deal with them when they do? Luckily for you, like a warrior princess on horseback, I’m here to rescue you from the ravages of breakouts, with some advice on how to kick them out the door for good. 



So, before we start to worry about how to get rid of an existing breakout, let’s have a little look at how to help prevent them from happening at all.  

The first and best defence against breakouts is a good skincare regime. Now, I hope you know this already, but that doesn’t mean that you should be scrubbing at your face every day with a bar of hand soap. It also doesn’t mean that you should follow any old skincare guide from the internet – each and every person’s skin requires different methods and treatments for the best results. For some people, a very minimalist approach is all they need, while for others they need heavy duty regular care. 

Unfortunately, that means a bit of trial and error. You’re unlikely to find the perfect skincare routine straightaway, but that doesn’t mean it is an impossible task. Think about what has worked for you in the past and use that as a baseline. Try adding or removing products over a period of a couple of months and eventually you’ll find the routine that is right for you and that could possibly last you for years. 

A few general tips for prevention would be to watch your diet, level of exercise and environment. Poor exercise and a polluted environment can contribute detrimentally to your skin and a diet that has lots of dairy, for example, is likely to cause regular breakouts. General improvements to your lifestyle will not only have a positive impact on the way that you feel, but also reduce the frequency and intensity of your breakouts. 


General Treatment 

Now we’re onto the juicy bit, and I’m not just talking about those spots.  

Dealing with a breakout can be difficult to get right. Too aggressive an approach can irritate your skin and aggravate the breakout making it even worse. On the other hand, too gentle an approach is unlikely to make much of a difference. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to burst a little bit of a bubble – there is no universal approach that is guaranteed to get rid of a breakout. Once again it is all down to how your skin behaves and responds to treatment. 

With that said, there are a few things that you can do that should work for almost everyone. Creams and ointments are a tried and tested approach to treating a breakout. Different spots require different treatments, so make sure to search for the cream that matches the appearance of your breakout the closest – always check the label before using it. Most of these treatments can be picked up at your local beauty store, or you can order them online. When you shop for them online you can save on beauty products with deals from Groupon. 

You can try using ice and lemon juice to deal with any spots that are particularly sore or bad looking to reduce the swelling and prevent infection. If your breakout is particularly bad and isn’t going away, then you should pay a visit to your doctor and try to see a dermatologist for specialist treatment. 


When dealing with a breakout try not to worry – it will always go away eventually. If you’re careful and smart with treatment and prevention you can look forward to clear skin sooner and for longer. 

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