Great Beauty Apps to Try 

While the standards like Instagram and Twitter can be great for finding new makeup ideas to try out, there are actually lots of specialised beauty apps out there that will help you to up your game significantly. I’ve put together this small list of my favourites for you to try out! 



When you’re looking for an app with everything from reviews to tutorials and shopping, all tied up in one neat package, there really isn’t anywhere better to go than Beautylish. The best thing about the app is that the tutorials and shopping feature are tied together, making it even easier to pick up some new makeup when you see something that you like the look of. 


Plum Perfect

If you’ve ever been stuck when you’re looking for something new to try out that matches your skin tone and colouring, then Plum Perfect is the app for you. After you upload a picture of yourself to the app in good lighting, it will give you recommendations for products and styles to suit your look. You can even set it to recommend you different makeup for different occasions like a night out or a day at work -how neat is that. 



While Beautylish is certainly the best all-purpose app, Bellashoot is the undisputed queen of tutorials and beauty advice. If you want a hand with part of your beauty regimen, then there is no need to look any further than Bellashoot.  


Style My Hair

Making the decision to dye your hair can be pretty difficult. You have to trust to your imagination to see yourself with your new hair colour and it can be hard to tell how much difference a change in hair colour can make to your entire appearance. Well, those days are long gone when you use Style My Hair. This app lets you apply a colour to your hair in real-time using your device’s forward-facing camera, letting you see just how you will look with your new colour.  


YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup is pretty much the same deal as Steal My Hair, except for makeup. You can apply accessories and makeup to yourself to see how they look before taking the plunge and picking them up for real. The app will also look at different details in your pictures, like blemishes, and keeps a diary, letting you know when you’re prone to breakouts and how to cover them best. What more could you really want? 

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