Essential Tips for Travelling with Makeup 

Working out what makeup you want to take and how you’re going to pack it can be a surprisingly stressful part of preparing for a holiday. If you’ve ever fretted over what to pack or how you should get your entire lipstick collection into your carry-on luggage, then you’re in the right place. 


Only Pack Your Must Haves 

Yeah, so about that lipstick collection – probably not the best idea to take that with you. First of all, most countries have restrictions on how much of certain materials you can take in your luggage and that includes most lipsticks. If you try and wheel all 200 of your lipsticks through security, you’ll probably just make a customs agent very grumpy. 

Try and cut down what you’re taking to the very minimum of what you need. While it might be nice to have a different look for each day of your holiday, it’s probably best if you compromise. You’ll save yourself on some packing space and any extra costs that you might have had to pay. 


Wrap it Up! 

The one thing you don’t want to happen when you’ve packed your bag full of colourful makeup is for something to leak. The solution is ridiculously easy -wrap all your makeup up in a bag- but you’d be surprised at how many people (totally not including me) haven’t done this and suffered the consequences. Wrapping your makeup in a bag is quick, easy and can save you from a whole pile of mess. 


Try and Avoid Powders 

Vis-à-vis the above situation, packing powder is only asking for trouble. Instead of taking powders try and replace them with liquid or stick-based makeup like BB cream or stick eyeshadow. This will save you from potential messy situations, but it doesn’t mean giving up on achieving that on point look. 


Don’t Take Your Expensive Stuff 

I think this is probably a general rule for anything that you take with you when you go travelling, but just in case I’ll reiterate, try to avoid taking your most expensive makeup with you. When you travel, especially internationally, there is always the risk that your bags could be lost, damage could occur in transit or you could just forget your things in the hotel. By leaving your most expensive makeup behind you can help to minimise your potential losses – no one wants to say goodbye to that pot of SENSAI cream because they left it in their hotel bathroom. 

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