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Makeup Storage Ideas 

Makeup collections can quickly get out of hand. It starts off with just a few small compacts and then explodes out into a sprawling mountain of beauty products including a wall of lipsticks in every shade and for every occasion. Keeping your makeup organised and tidy can seem like an impossible task, and you’re just not willing to have lots of those plastic makeup containers sitting around your meticulously decorated home.  

With so many inventive and good-looking ways to store your beauty products, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. So, here I am, coming at you full force with a few makeup storage ideas to get your collection under control. 


Mason Jars 

These little glass jars have infiltrated every part of style and craft – yet somehow, we’re still finding new uses for them! Mason jars are perfect for holding your brushes, as well as smaller items like cotton buds. With their rise in popularity you can find lots of stylised and decorated mason jars out there, so you can add a little bit of extra flair to your tidiness.  


Desk Tidies 

While they might have been created to keep your stationary organised, desk tidies are also perfect for keeping your makeup organised and separated.  The variety that comes with separate compartments or sections for different sizes are the best in my experience, as these will let you store a bigger variety of your makeup in one place. 



So, yeah, you might be thinking “how the hell can I use magnets to keep my makeup tidy?”, but just hear me out. You can buy magnets wall panels or boards (often with cute designs) that you can fix to most surfaces, and you can also pick up small adhesive magnets that easily stick to other objects – see where I’m going with this. Stick one of these magnets to one of your makeup containers and voila! it’ll stick to that board with no problems. Using magnets for storage will get you back some surface space and it looks pretty neat too! 


Drawer Dividers 

This is one of the simplest, but also most effective, storage options out there. If you have a free drawer that you could keep your makeup in, but you’re worried about it all getting mixed up, then you can put in a few of these very low-price dividers to split the drawer up into different sections. This will keep your makeup out of sight when you’re not using it; while making sure that you can still get it back out again at a moment’s notice. 

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